This is why sitting in a group and asking questions from a leader sucks 🤧.

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Yesterday, During the last period many of the students had gone to their buses for dispersal but I go by my cycle so I needed to wait for 20 minutes 🥹. While I was sitting in my class, my class teacher was answering the queries of students of class 12th. Then, I noticed some problems and I wrote them here 👇

🫣Misunderstanding the question of another person

In a group, when one person asks a question from a leader (here, I am describing my class teacher as a leader because she was answering the questions of the students.) another person can misunderstand the question or answer. This can lead to a conflict and can waste the time of the teacher as well as the students. I know, this point looks silly 🤕 but think of it, isn’t it a problem that needs to be solved.

😡Criticism by other team members

Suppose you asked a question that was so basic that a 5yr old kid could also answer that question but you found it to be illogical and finally asked it. Although, asking silly questions can lead to great innovations (Eg: Aryabhata discovered the zero when he asked a question from his teacher, which then looked like a silly question.). But in the end, your friends will make fun of you and your teacher can also scold you. This can result in a bigger problem that is the student who asked the question can feel that he should not ask such a question which can lead to the prevention of innovations 💡. (* Exceptions are there.)

😵Buffle the mind of the leader

In a group, everyone is curious to get answers to their queries first which creates a hell lot of confusion for the leader and the leader may give a wrong answer. When you will observe, you may find that this situation arises a lot that the leader gets confused that which question to answer first.

😶‍🌫️ Confusion in a group is a common thing.

Suppose one student asked a question to which all the students leaving him knew the answer. In this situation, that student is wasting the energy of all the students who could do something productive ☀️ in that time.


Till where I think, these problems can be solved by using technology.

Though there are a lot of apps for this space, one efficient app is needed.

Thanks for reading this blog 😍.