How Dopamine Blast State is attacking you 🤕?

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After reading many articles about leading social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I learned that this state is more dangerous than a nuclear weapon attack.

🤧 What is Dopamin Blast State?

Whenever your brain recieves so much dopamine by just doing something which is so easy like scrolling reels. Your brain automatically gets more depressed and frustrated and you feel like everything is boring when you are in a normal state eg classroom. This is the main reason why so many teenagers are no more interested in reading books.

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😡 But how is it dangerous for us?

If you will observe, you will find that today’s generation is more indulged into gaming, social media, girl friend and boy friend than it was earlies. But the question arises how in just 10 to 20 years, we became so shameless that now people watch porn while eating dinner with their family. The main reason can be leading social media platforms and things which give you so much of dopamine at once.

🔮 When will we see it’s the dark side?

Probably sooner than you think. Let’s do an interesting experiment. You need to count the number of people who pray before they eat and you also need to count the number of people who send a snap before they eat. If you will observe that ratio, you will be amazed to look at it 😲.

🤔 Is there anyway to prevent it?

After researching for many days, a new solution came in the mind. That is to make teenagers read self help, business, finance, biographies books. This will drastically change we today operate with each other.

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