What are the things which differentiate between Amazon and failures?

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We all know Amazon as a technology giant but most of us don't know about the journey of how Jeff Bezos turned Amazon from a boring retailer to a trillionaire dollars technology company. Here, I am not judging it by its valuation but by Jeff Bezos's thought process.

In the blog post, you will find some secret keys, which I learned about after reading Amazon’s biography 👇, which made the company thrive.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
Winner of the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award** 'Brad Stone's definitive book on…amzn. to

🧠Think Big or Kill yourself

After reading Amazon’s biography, I was impressed by their thought process. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos always wanted it to be the best company which Big customer base. Instead of making more profits, Jeff goes more low prices on the site which makes Amazon the best e-commerce platform.

There were many events, where Jeff could have become depressed but he had learned one thing, from Sam Walton, that the individual should focus on his/her customers instead of focusing on his/her competition. * Here Sam Walton is not advising to ignore competitors but to be the best.

🤔Become Missionary not a Mercenary

First, I must clarify the difference between both. A missionary is one who focuses on his/her mission and then thinks about making money. On the other hand, mercenaries are those who think about money and only chase it. But in the end, missionaries are wealthier than mercenaries.

If you would read books of Great Entrepreneurs, you will find that they were all missionaries. So, it’s great to be one.

😍Helping others will return Great result

Do you know why did Amazon start Amazon Web Services, which captures 33% of the internet?

Jeff Bezos learned from the CEO of a retail giant company that he should help other small companies by making such services.

Aws was not started because Jeff wanted to make more money but it was started because they want to help small companies to have the same infrastructure that big companies have.

This is the end of this blog post. We will meet next week from now. Till then, bye-bye.