Self Help Industry is in danger. But why 🤕?

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For 2 months, I was thinking about the bad effects of self-help industry growth. Yes, this is a controversial blog post, but writing and reading are essential.

👁️Stand Point

If you clearly would observe the self-help industry. You would see that the root cause of this industry is suggestions. This industry stands on an uncertain thing and that is suggesting someone, to help him.

But today, after brainstorming a lot, I got to know that the major problem with this industry is that it conflicts with one of the most crucial properties of humans and that is everyone is different. You cannot give everyone the same suggestion. For eg: For a 50-year-old man, you will give him advice on having a balance in life and enjoy with his family whereas you will advise a 20-year-old man to work hard.

But, if you would observe youtube, you would see there is a conflict. The most popular self-help influencer is Sandeep Maheswari but that man is 40 or above and he even didn’t see the online world in his teenage. So, how can he give good advice to people in their teenage? Yes, he can give general advice to them but he cannot advise from their standpoint which has its standpoint.

Example: Sandeep Maheswari has started a new series of videos where he invites people with their unique stories. The series is Real People The Real Stories. In the second video of that series, one lady came and told her story of how she had a divorce. After seeing the video, I was just summarising the video and suddenly I found a fault. The fault was that if a teenager (‘girl’) was seeing that video, his brain would have learned one single rule and that rule is Divorce if you have conflicts with your husband. In simple words, the girl didn’t know the full story of that woman but she just observed this silly message that says divorce is done when your husband is not cooperating with you.

Suppose, this girl married a boy after a few years, and one day, she found herself in the same situation. Then what would she do? Of course, she would divorce, because when she was a teenager, her mind observed that message.

But, what if her situation was very different from that lady's. So, this is a major problem in this industry.


By the way, this point is not included in this industry but this point is a disaster for the next generation.

For eg: if you opened Instagram or youtube, then what would you do. You would start seeing a video but you forgot one thing.

You forgot to think that what you wanted to watch. In simple words, you don’t watch videos that you want to watch but you watch videos that the AI recommends to you.

After a long period of doing this thing, it will convert into a habit and after that, most people would lose their focus, decision-making, and questioning abilities.

So, there’s a loophole in this industry.

Thanks for giving your leisure time to this blog.

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