You cannot do wonders without using your subconscious mind 🧠

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I have been reading a famous book that taught me the wonders can I can do with the help of my subconscious mind. Firstly, I was bored with that book. I thought that that book is just kidding. But after doing research, I came up with the conclusion that something mysterious happens in our subconscious minds.

Then, I started to talk about this 👆 book with my friends. One of my friends, Karan, told me one story about how our subconscious mind helps us.

This was the story about ‘Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz’. The scientist who discovered the benzene.

💡The Story begins…

He was wondering about ways by which he can make a chain of 6 hydrocarbons. He often brainstormed about this problem at night. One day, he was traveling by bus. When he was standing, he saw an image of a snake biting his own tail, which flashed in his mind. Then after reaching home, he started solving the problem which was to find a way to make a chain of 6 hydrocarbons. 🥳Finally, he discovered Benzene.

Like this only, many other great researchers have found the great wonders which can be solved by using the subconscious mind properly. 🤔 But the question comes, how to use it properly?

After reading this book, I made 3 points which you can use:


Most of the people of our next generation think that watching shitty content at night is cool but the reality is the opposite.

The author of the book said that we should think and see only good content before going to sleep. But why?

Your subconscious mind is active during the night and increases the effect of the content observed.

This also happens when you have just woken up. In simple words, before going to sleep and after waking up from sleep. Think about and see good things.

🙏Forgive others

Whenever you think negatively about others, you are ultimately doing your own loss. But how?

When you abuse somebody in your own mind. Your subconscious mind becomes that. In simple words, you become what you think.

So, if somebody has hurt you, forgive him or her now. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for your health, and mental ability.

👋Thanks for reading this blog post.