Sometimes, you are focusing on the wrong problemĀ šŸ¤”

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Since last week, I was depressed because it was just 3 weeks since I started studying the class 11th syllabus and got stuck. But after a week, I learned a new lesson in my life which took me out of depression and it can also help you Succeed.

šŸ˜”Depression Story

As I told you that it was 3 weeks since I started studying class 11. As there were no tuitions at this point because I started 11th, 1 month earlier than school starts it.

So, I decided to learn from youtube. I finished the first 2 chapters in 10 days but one chapter was waiting for me. When I started the third chapter, I suddenly realized that I was not able to answer the questions which were given in the video series (through which I learn). I started feeling depressed that why am I not able to answer these questions.

I was wondering if I scored well in 10th and I completed the first 2 chapters quickly. But why was I struggling to solve the questions in 3rd chapter?

I started getting stressed. If it would continue for more days, I would have had a heart attack. But then something magical happened.

I got an intuition that I should watch Sandeep Maheswari's videos. I did that but when I was sitting idle, I would get depressed.

But after 10 days, I was laughing šŸ˜ƒ at myself when I found out that I was watching the videos series which was made for the students who have studied class 11th and have to given 11th exams (in simple words, I was watching a recap series).

šŸ¤©What has happenedĀ Great

During this period, I have to give more time to learning maths. So, I have to manage my time.Ā 

So, I deleted the tasks from my schedule which were less productive and I started doing only those tasks which were priorities.

This helped me to get rid of those tasks which took my time but didnā€™t give expected results.

šŸ“What I haveĀ learned

I learned a lot of new things from this period. šŸ‘‡ is the list of things that I learned:

  1. Do prioritize things first and then do less productive things
  2. If you are a teenager, it is super important for you to watch self-help videos on youtube or whatever platform. (Eg: Sandeep Maheswari)
  3. I understood that what happens, happens for the good.
  4. I understood that sometimes the problem is something else


In the end, I would congratulate you that you read my story and learning from it.