How to get things done faster than before 🚀

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Welcome friends 👋 to this new blog post where I would share some insights that greatly impact your productivity. Basically, I have figured out the things which can make you do work lit bit fast.

📅Close Deadline

When I was reading the biography of Elon Musk, I was wondering, how this man can do so many things in a short period and with a very low budget. 

Then after lots of thinking, watching youtube videos, and reading more books. I finally figured out the secret. The secret was having an unexpected deadline.

Then I tried this tip to figure out if this even works or not.

I made a deadline for one of my projects. But I did it with a twist and that was, I made the deadline short. In simple words, I have to do more in a shorter period.

Fortunately, I got to know that this deadline worked for me. I did a lot of work without even distracting myself with negative thoughts(by the way, I was listening to music).

Conclusion: My conclusion is that any person has more abilities than he expects he has but those abilities show up when you are in a flow state.

🤩Quick Decisions

When I was working on my project, I observed one thing, I was taking quick decisions. Then, I came to know that in life, you have to make quick decisions (there are exceptions, for eg: you cannot make a quick decision when you are marrying a girl.)

In simple words, when you have to take short-term decisions, take them quickly as possible. But when you are taking long-term decisions, have patience. But why am I saying it?

I am saying it because I have spent too much time taking short-time decisions. Then I learned that, even if your decisions were right, you would have wasted your half time just thinking of the decision even though it was a short-term decision.

😁Thanks for reading this blog post. You are becoming better every day by reading these types of blogs.

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