How to build a Mindset for solving problems 🏆

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Welcome 👋 brothers and sisters to this blog post where I will tell you about my own experience. Moreover, I will tell you what I have learned to do for making my mindset strong for solving problems.


Let’s suppose there’s a teenager whose name is Rakesh. He is addicted to watching porn and watches porn for 2 hours every day. At the age, where he has to focus on his career, he’s focusing on girl’s cuteness. But why I am sharing this with you?

🤔If you were there, what you would do?

Most people would say that they would stop watching porn and watch great content(everyone has different opinions on which content will improve them). But the question arises, how many people would be able to replace their addiction with something valuable. I think only 5%. But here’s a golden tip.

Make it an adventure to stop watching porn and start watching great videos rather than making big commitments and being not able to fulfil them.

In simple words, Rakesh can make a goal of watching porn only for 1 hour, and then another hour, he would spend watching Sandeep Maheswari’s videos on youtube or doing something else.

Whenever he fails to achieve his goal, he can give self-punishment, but if he Succeeds, he will get a great reward.

Similarly, you can also make goals for replacing your problems with an adventure.


All Successful people are great learners or you can say, all great learners are great people.

So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make a habit of reading books or watching Successful people’s speeches, or listening to great podcasts on Spotify.

This will have a great impact on how you think and behave.


Now comes the best part of this blog. After watching many youtube videos. I have come across one thing which is that God gives problems to those whom he trusts that the person can solve this problem. In simple words, problems are good.

Problems are different than you think 👿 * By Studywithdesign * Education 2.0
Welcome achievers👋 to this blog post in which you will find a different perspective to see your problems and solve…

🎉🎊🎊🎉 Congratulations, you have achieved something valuable today.

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