When do you feel sad😔.

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Welcome 👋 friends to this blog post. Here, I will talk about what I have learned, to do when I am discouraged or feel that I cannot do anything. These tips have been taken from many YouTubers' talks.

🎯Do something Creative

Whenever people get discouraged, most of them start doing silly things like scrolling reels or watching porn for pleasure. But a few smart people do something creative.

What do I mean by Creative work? I suggest doing work by which you can learn something. For eg: whenever I feel discouraged, I start watching Sandeep Maheswari’s video or start coding by seeing tutorials on youtube. This helps me to grow in my life as well as to spend my time wisely.

But why do creative work, why not scroll reels? When you are discouraged, if you do something that will not help you grow, you may feel more discouraged because your mind will tell you, ‘you suck’. So, instead of wasting time on porn, watch something good or do something good. You can also go to the park and play with some young kids.


When you are happy, make a list of things that you will do when you get discouraged. In simple words, when you get discouraged do some kind of things that help you out. Some examples 👇:

  1. Listening to or Watching stories of people who failed many times but they also Succeed.
  2. Watching Sandeep Maheswari’s videos
  3. Do exercise

Remember one thing, when you are happy, you can think wisely. So, make a list of the things which you will do, when you get discouraged. 😁

🫠Part of Life

Remember one thing being discouraged is a part of life, never take it too seriously.

I also recommend some books that you can read:

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🎊🎉🎉🎊Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge of what to do when you get discouraged.