Problems are different than you think 👿

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Welcome achievers👋 to this blog post in which you will find a different perspective to see your problems and solve them. By the way, these different things which I will cover in this blog will be taken from YouTubers or my own experience. So, let's start.


I have talked about psychological and physical problems in my recent blog posts. Physical problems are problems that exist in reality while psychological problems are those problems that are in your head. In simple words, psychological problems are fake and physical problems are real.

But what I have not talked about is how to differentiate between them. It’s easy to find psychological problems when you are not in a problem but what about when you face problems, your mind is stuck and cannot find the difference between fake and real problems.

Solution for that:

Let’s suppose that you are a boy and you fall in love with some girl (usually the case 😷). But you are of a different religion from the girl. You think that the girl won’t marry you and as common, you will become sad.

👆 above situation looks like a real problem. But in reality, that’s not. Okay, let’s consider these things:

  1. In today’s modern world, no girl looks for a boy of the same religion rather they find boys who love them.
  2. If the girl doesn’t give you so attention, that’s not because of your caste or religion but because of your manners and body (fat body).

In simple words, Religion is never the problem. You are the problem but here you are stuck in thinking that something else is the problem.

Learning from this example:

Most of the time or I can say every time, you are the biggest problem. That’s a good thing that you are the problem, because that way, you can improve yourself and solve the problem.

👀learn from others

Whenever you have a problem, you have two options:

  1. To solve problems yourself.
  2. To learn from others who have solved the problem earlier.

Both the options are good but there’s a disadvantage to the 1️⃣option and that is, you will spend your time on the problems which are solved.

Moreover, you cannot solve all the problems yourself, you need to learn from others.

🧠Adventure Mindset

Most of the time, you have to change your mindset to solve the problems. Do, you know why the lion is the king of the jungle.

Because of his mindset, he’s the king of the jungle.

See your problems are an adventure and have fun solving them.


If you have solved a problem that people have, then you can solve the problems for others too.

“If you solve problems for yourself, that is an art, but if you solve problems for others, that is a business” — Sundar Pichai, Goggle’s CEO

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🎉🎊🎊🎉, you have achieved the knowledge of solving problems.