Why do parents do these things wrong with their children😶‍🌫️!!!

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Welcome 👋 brothers and sisters to this blog post where you will achieve the things that most parents do wrong and that have a significant effect on their child. If you are a parent, then prevent these things and if you are a child, then learn these things which you will prevent when you will have your kids.

😋Decide Career & Relationship

1. 🤓Career

In India or many other countries, it’s common to see parents decide their child’s career. If the child is smart, he should be an engineer even though many children don’t like to pursue a career in engineering but due to peer pressure, they do.

But why is this a wrong thing?

See, if the child is not interested in his career, how will he be able to perform well. Then, he would find some pleasure in giving apps and his life will go like what others want to like. Is this even a life?

No, if you survey, how many engineers like to be an engineer. You will get pretty insane results, that most engineers don’t want to be an engineer.

This has two effects:

  1. The life the child goes in the wrong direction and he’s not able to perform well in his career.
  2. Even if the child performed in the career, he would not get satisfaction from inside after he retires.

😷Short Story

Once, there was a retirement party for a popular doctor. The doctor was praised by everyone and was a role model for young doctors. But on the day of the retirement party, he was sitting sadly in a corner of his room. His assistant came into his room and asked him why he was sad. Then the doctor replied to him that, he didn't want to be a doctor. The assistant was shocked because the best doctor in the world was saying that he didn’t want to be a doctor. Then assistant asked him what he wanted to become. The doctor replied that he wanted to become a dancer, but his mother made him a doctor.

2. ✌️Relationship

You would have seen that often, parents decide the life partner for their children. But why is this even wrong?

  1. If you marry someone who you never met, then how can you say that the relationship will go long-lasting.
  2. If you married a girl who doesn’t love to sit with you and talk to you. Then, you and your partner will get attracted by other females and males, and in the end, divorce.

🙃Guidance in a wrong way

I ask you a question. What often have you listened to most parents saying to their children out of these two “don’t do this” or “Do that”?

Most of you would reply that we have listened to parents saying “Don’t do this” instead of saying “Do this”.

If you have ever ridden on a plane, you would know that when the plane starts getting through jerks, the air hostess says that “Relax” instead of saying “Don’t panic” because she has been trained in the psychology of the humans.

We ignore the n’t in the “don’t” which sounds to our brain as “do”. This makes children do what their parents tell them not to do.

👀Watch & Environment

“Your child doesn’t do things you command him to do but he does what he watches you doing.”

So, if you want to make your child wake up at 5 AM. You also have to wake up at 5 AM.

But most do the opposite. They will command their child to study but they would scroll through reels on Instagram.

Today’s generation of girls is spending lots of their time scrolling through social media. This will have two impacts:

  1. When these girls will become mothers, they will also unknowingly addict their children to social media.
  2. These girls will get frustrated when their child would call them for help.
  3. The girls would slap or give their young children(1–10 years old) mobile phone just because he was crying instead of playing with them.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you are out of these dangers but you need to implement these.