How can a woman help you be successful 😋?

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Welcome 👋 brothers and sisters, after reading Think and Grow Rich, I wondered why there was written 'Woman is the inspiration for most of the Successful People'. After figuring out, how a woman can help us Succeed, I made this blog.

Think and Grow Rich -


After searching through examples, I find out these main examples who woman inspired

  1. Albert Einstein — Mom
  2. Napolean Bonaparte — First Wife

These two examples are just a small part of the world. You can see so many examples here and there.

🤔But girls…

Okay, I know your feeling. You must be wondering why people who just run after their girlfriend, lose focus on their careers.

Do one thing, just ask those people 👆, why were they chasing girlfriends. After that, you would know why they lose.

Moreover, girls don’t mean only girlfriends, you can be inspired by your mom, daughter, grandmother, wife, sister, etc. For eg: Albert Einstein was inspired by his Mom.


When you love somebody and do work to make them proud of you. You may never lose confidence and be inspired.

In simple words, if you work for yourself, you can be discouraged and you may fail (failure is the moment when you don’t stand up after falling). But when you are inspired by something, especially a woman, then you may not get discouraged.

🤔But what if…

Okay, you are thinking that what if that woman discourages you?

Yes, you are right, she can. But just know the context of why she discouraged you. This may be because she doesn’t know what you are doing or any other reason. In simple words, you have to figure out how to be inspired and get work done.


If I ask you a question, who has more manners, girls or boys.

Most of you would reply, girls. So, can boys learn manners from girls for eg: how to talk to anyone politely (situation: when talking to a child) or how to eat properly, dress sense, etc.


Before you go out and make a girlfriend. You must know two things 👇.

You don’t need a girlfriend to be inspired. For eg: APJ Abdul Kalam was not inspired by any girlfriend.

The second thing, it’s important to build a character. In the US, there’s a culture to have sex before you marry a girl if you love that girl. But in the information age, that culture spread all over the world and it’s growing insanely in India.

Know that, it’s not a choice to respect a woman but it’s an obligation or Nature Law to respect a woman.

“Work never leaves you but a girlfriend can”

When making a girlfriend, know one thing: Focus on your Career because of two things:

  1. If you are successful in your career, you don’t have to fight with your family to compromise on something.
  2. When going to your girlfriend’s parents for asking for marriage. Her parents would see your career and then they would see how much love you have for her.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have achieved a big lesson in your life.