Things that suck in remote work and how to fix them😎?

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Welcome brothers and sisters 👋, last week I was reading a book called Remote: Office Not Required, which taught me the things which suck in working remotely.

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Welcome 👋 brothers and sisters, after reading Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and Heinemeier Hansson (owner…


While working remotely, you don’t have an environment like your office, where you can walk 2,000 to 4,000 steps every day. This makes your body fatter and also makes you unproductive. Human bodies are made to do physical work instead of sitting 8 hours in front of the computer. So, it’s recommended to take 20 seconds to 5 minutes break after 30 minutes of working.

The things you can do to make yourself walk while working remotely:

  1. 🐕‍🦺Take your dog out for a walk
  2. Instead of calling your spouse/husband or mother to bring food to your table, go yourself. This would give your body some time to make the backbone straight.
  3. Use the Pomodoro technique (take 5 minutes to break after 25 minutes of work)


While working remotely, your employees are spread over the world or in a specific country. When your employees work from different states, you need to have different taxes payment. Moreover, when your employees work from different countries, there’s a different mess.


You can consult with lawyers and accountants to get properly set up.


When working remotely, you need your clients to trust you so that you can have a long-term relationship with them. But people do some mistakes in making their clients trust them. But the following tips are essential to read if you want to make a long-term Business.

😶‍🌫️Face-to-Face not possible

Many companies don’t tell their clients that they can not meet them face to face until they sign the deal. If you prevent this, that would increase the trust of your clients towards you.

🥸Tell them about your other employees

When meeting with your clients through software, remember to tell them about your other employees and also let them talk to your clients. This will make more trust.

📈Show them your progress

Whenever you are working remotely, you need to remember that your clients are anxious about how much progress are you doing. For that purpose, you can use management software like Trello, and ClickUp.

🤙Be Available

Your clients want to contact you so they need some tools to connect. You can use emails, and phone calls, and remember that it’s important that you are aware of your client’s email, messages, and phone calls.

😋Involve them

If you can, then involve your clients in your project. In simple words, give them some assignments and let them give some assignments to you. This will make them excited to work with you.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you now can work remotely. But you also need to read 👇

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