How can working remotely save you a million dollars 🤠?

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Welcome 👋 brothers and sisters, after reading Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried and Heinemeier Hansson (owner of a 100 billion dollar company). I realized that we waste so much of our time just traveling as a student or as an employer or an employee. In that much time, we can make a million dollars


Can you tell me how much you spend traveling from your home to your office and vice versa?

Most probably, it would take 1.5 hours each day for you to reach your office and then go to your room and talk to co-workers and do formalities.

5 hours * 200 (165 days are considered holidays for the sake of this blog).

This comes out to be 300 hours in a year.

Now, you can calculate how much money did you spend on traveling.

If you are in the USA, that would cost you $10,000 per year.

But when you go to the office, your 300 hours are not used. But then also you can use 200 hours by listening to podcasts while driving.

But the question arises, how we can reach a million dollars by working remotely.

Suppose I give you 300 more hours in a year and $10,000 per year. What would you do about that? You can either invest or start a business.

🤓But what if you are a student?

If you are a student who studies in school in India then you probably waste 2 hours each day.

  1. 30 + 30 minutes while traveling by bus.
  2. 30 minutes in Free Periods
  3. 30 minutes in other stuff like teacher coming in your class or Recess (if you have attended online classes, you have eaten 3 times a day, but when you go to a physical school, you eat 4 times a day.)

2 hours * 200 days (165 days are considered holidays for the sake of this blog).

400 hours are spent not being productive. In the case of going to the office, you can listen to podcasts on Spotify but what about while traveling to school.

A student goes to school for 10 years (Although, it's more than that here I have taken 10 hours for the sake of this blog.)

400 hours * 10

4000 hours 🤯 are spend not being productive.

It is said that if you spend 10,000 hours in your field. You can become a master in your field. But you also spend 4,000 hours not being productive.

Although, it’s said that working or studying online is not great as working physically. But now technology has changed its way and made us able to do what we want to do while sitting in our home.

Remote: Office Not Required book can be bought by this link.