Why did Google, Twitter, and Nike become Successful 🤓?

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While reading this blog, remember one thing I am not telling you ‘how’ did these companies become successful, instead I am telling you ‘why ’did these companies become successful. But why am I telling ‘why’ instead of ‘how’.

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Many people can tell you how these companies grow but it’s worth learning why did these companies grow.


Most Successful companies have one thing in common and that is these companies were side projects at first. In simple words, these companies’ founders didn’t make these projects to earn money but to solve a real problem that they face.

🦄Example of Nike

In the days when Nike started, there was no pair of shoes which was lightweight, etc. So, Nike’s founder Bill Bowerman started the side project but after they saw that people had a keen interest in their shoes so Bill with Phil Knight expanded.

Remember that Nike was not formed to make money but it was formed to solve a problem.

“If you solve a problem for yourself, then you are an artist but if you solve a problem for the world then you are an Entrepreneur” — Sunder Pichai

🥸Conscious & Unconscious

While listening to Paypal fonder on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/show/7AcBdjWl2s4brEcW7YKVWf. I got to know that Successful companies and Successful inventions are made by the idea which was given by the unconscious mind.

🤔My Experience

To be frank, I didn’t start a startup yet but I have learned from my mentors how to start and what we should do to make it successful. So, simply I am sharing it with you.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations you have achieved the knowledge of why startups succeed.