How to make any work a funny game 🦄?

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For a lot of months, I was stressed by doing work that I don't want to do. Then I started listening to podcasts and reading books by which I can gain some knowledge.

After some time, I found that I have made my work fun by just applying these habits which seem to be so small but have a tremendous effect on your work.


Do you know why online games are so fun even if you are frustrated by dying in every match? This is because the game system notifies with special effects that you killed someone. This makes dopamine go through. Moreover, games show you your performance track.

🤔But why am I saying you to track your work?

For many days, I was tracking my work with the help of some tools. You can find that blog 👇 here.

How did I transform myself into a management expert 🔭? * By Studywithdesign * Education 2.0
But the question arises, how can he manage time so well he also said to me that he enjoys managing his time. But…

After tracking my work I got to know that I started enjoying my work because I get a moment in which I am proud of myself that I did work though I didn’t like it.


If you have played online games or physical games many times in your life. You would probably think of becoming a master in that game. This thinking of becoming a master in the game even if you were tried, you played the game because you want to win and become master in that game. This strategy can be used in work.

Whenever you do work set a goal for yourself and tell it to everyone which will make you work even if you are in discomfort.

For eg: I was not liking to code in the past few days though I used to love coding. I used this strategy and told my best friend that we would make a website. Then I have to work even if I didn’t like it. But after a few days, I again started to enjoy my work which was code.

In simple words, make goals.


While reading Think and Grow Rich, I read a line which was that every successful people has inspiration and most of those successful have women as their inspiration. Some have a mom as their inspiration and some have a future wife as their inspiration.

In simple words, find a woman who you love(even first side love) and do your work for her. Because when doing work for yourself, you can procrastinate but what if work for someone else whom do you love.


You have read this post till the end so here's your bonus:

Do more boring things like counting how many times your fans rotate in a minute. This will give you pleasure while doing work which you don’t like.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have read the whole blog.