How did I transform myself into a management expert 🔭?

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Last week I was talking to my friend 'Aditya'. He is a blogger, Youtuber, web developer, and much more. But I rarely saw him frustrated though he has a lot of things to do.

But the question arises, how can he manage time so well he also said to me that he enjoys managing his time. But honestly, I feel bored while making my schedule and many of you would also feel it hard to follow your schedule.

Finally, I asked my friend to share with me some ways to manage my time. Then our conversation goes like this:

Aditya: “Sure, I will tell you some ways that I invested money and spent much time in, to learn those ways. Let’s begin”

Firstly, you need these 4 tools:

Now comes what to do with them:

🤠Google Sheets

“Winners are trackers” — Darren Hardy

In “The Compound Effect” book, Darren Hardy tells us that all the winners in the world are tracking their performance.

🤔What do I mean by that?

Here, You can see how I track my time. You also have to follow this same process for the next 21 days. But remember, it's the easiest habit that I have ever found. You just need to paste a to-do card on your wall so that whenever you are done with your work, you can track your time.


I use Trello to manage all tasks that I have to complete in my whole day.

You can use labels to mark your work like this👇:

Before you shut down your computer or shut your phone, open Trello can see the work that is pending for the day.

🎖️Google Calender

This is the most important part of management.

After tracking your time for 21 days which is very easy. Then come to google calendar and schedule your tasks like this👇

Then just make a single task on your schedule and just complete it. After following the management for 2 days. You can shift to this:

Now, you are ready but remember this guru mantra:

“Instead of making a schedule first, track the time.”

By the way, I use google docs for keeping my notes.

 🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge of managing your tasks.