Are your Choices your friends or enemies 💞?

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Last week I was talking to my friend named 'Mena'. She is a big friend of Darren Hardy and she has also read all the books written by him.

We were talking about how a single choice can rebuild you or destroy you. But the question arises is hows that are even possible. So, my conversation with Mena went like this:

Me: ‘Hi Mena, you said that you were reading a fantastic book by Darren Hardy last week’.

Mena: ‘Yeah, I was reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. But there was reading was something that I can never forget.’

Me: “🤔 What?”

Mena: “In the book, Darren told that compounding is something which seems like an overnight success but in reality, it’s different.”

She continued, “Darren, in his book, shared an example of 3 friends. He told that 3 friends took different decisions:”

  1. 1st friend — He decided to read 10 pages every day and listen to self-help podcasts every day while driving to his office and home. Moreover, he decided to eat 125 calories less in his diet. (125 calories is equal to 1/4 of a chapati.)

2. 2nd friend — He decided nothing and lived his life as same.

3. 3rd friend — He decided to buy a new tv for seeing crime shows and eat 125 calories more in the diet.

Mena stopped and laughed. I thought she had feelings for me🤕 but unfortunately, she was laughing at the fact that there was no change in the three of the friends, no one looked different for the first 2 years.

With a sad face, because she did not have any feelings 🥰 for me, I said: “This way, 3rd friend enjoyed it a lot as he got to eat 125 more calories and got to watch shows.”

Mena: “No!!! after 31 months, there were drastic changes in them.”

She continued: “1st friend reduced 33 pounds in his weight. Moreover, he got the promotion and a raise in his salary because he had gathered a lot of knowledge by listening to podcasts and reading books.”

I asked her impatiently, “What about 2n and 3rd friends?”

Mena: “2nd friend remained the same and 3rd friend was now in a depression.”

I was confused as I have predicted something different.

By looking at my face, she discovered my confusion and explained, “3rd friend was eating more than 125 calories in his diet. So, now his weight was increasing which led to more procrastination and laziness. His laziness and procrastination caused his boss to be angry with him. He then started watching tv shows at the night also and stopped walking with his wife at night. This made her wife annoyed and she went to walk with his girlfriends. Sometimes, some boys flirt with his wife. But she was left with no option as 3rd friend was watching crime shows.”

Me: “Oh, now I understood that one choice can rebuild us or destroy us.”

By the way, I was sad by knowing the fact that Mena liked the boys who read books. So, I have also made a decision to read books.

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