Expectations are tricky 😤

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Whenever we expect something from others that others don't wish to do, we become sad. In other words, you must know how to use expectations and become happy instead of being sad.


When a person goes into a relationship, he/she thinks that all things world be perfect in the future. But the reality strikes him in his head 🤕.

Let’s suppose, you get married to whom you love. Now after getting married, you expected from your partner that she should never get attracted to others.

But, I ask you a question. Will you get attracted to a sexy lady who is active on tinder? If the answer is yes, then how can you expect your wife to not get attracted to sexy men who are too active on tinder.

🤔then, what to do?

Instead of expecting that your partner should not be attracted to others. Just ask your wife you alert you whenever she is attracted to other men. So, that you can prevent future mistakes to happen. You must also alert your wife if you get attracted to a lady.


Every business expects from you something else. Let’s suppose you joined a terrorist group, then they would expect you to kill others. But if you joined a group of monks, then they would expect you to serve others.

Whenever you join a company. First, find the expectations of your boss from you. Rather than just doing hard work, do smart work.


We often get too serious about our careers that we lose our focus on the process.

“Instead of focusing on events, focus on process” — James Clear

Suppose, you are a blogger, then instead of focusing on the day when you get 1 million+ visitors, focus on enjoying the process of writing blogs.

I am not saying you to just write blogs and not focus on goals. I am just telling you to make a goal and then focus on the path towards that goal.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge of using expectations.

Source — Sandeep Maheswari