Does School provide True Learning 🤐?

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Once I was talking to my friend Rajveer, about what is true learning and how to apply it in our life. The conversation goes like this.

Me: “Hi Rajveer, you were reading a book last week. What type of book that was?”

Rajveer: “That was a self-help book. I love to read them and I learn a lot from them.”

Me: “Did you not go to school? Why are you studying these kinds of books?”

Rajveer: “Ahh…, I did go to school but did you even remember what you studied in the last paper exam of your life.”

Many of us would have forgotten our syllabus in the second month after our last paper exam.

Me: “No, Did you remember?”

Rajveer: “No, but do you know why did we forget our syllabus even if we did a lot of hard work to learn it (referring to Indian Schools — crame it).”

Me: “Not exactly. I think we didn’t use it anywhere.”

Rajveer: “Correct, we didn’t involve in the teaching process rather we just learn it. Our brain acts as a search engine for us by providing thoughts. So, so our brain deletes the study which is not of use”.

He continued, “If you want to learn to code, then instead of making notes of what the teacher explained to you. Learn coding by making useful projects by watching videos from youtube. If you want to learn cooking, then learn by cooking along with the teacher, rather than learning it.”

That day, I learned why successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Gautam Adani read self-help books.

These are some self help books that you will find interesting and easy to read:

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But, now what is the roadmap to learning the true learning process.

Me: “Can you please give me a roadmap for how can i learn the process of learning truly.”

Rajveer: “Sure, there is a 3-step process for ”


This is the first step which says that we must oversee what Successful and Failed people did. 

😤But why Observe them?

When you observe somebody doing something. Then you find their thought process (thought process means, how a person thinks). 

🤔But how to observe them?

Simple, you can read their books, you can listen to their podcasts, or listen to their speeches. You can also watch their videos on youtube.


After observing these people, ask yourself questions about how can they do this or how did they build a huge company, etc. This will make you connect their experiences to form a new thinking process for yourself.

“We need to have some failures to be successful, but it’s not necessary that those failures are ours”

It means that we should learn from others’ mistakes rather than making mistakes ourselves.


Now, comes the most important part of true learning. Implement what you learned.

Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge of true learning. But apply it in your life now only.