Going towards Beautiful Life💓

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If you are depressed in your life or you want to learn something new today, which will make your life better. Then this blog is right for you.

Why do we feel depressed sometimes 😭?

Most of us want to stay motivated all the time, but as per the law of nature. No one can be motivated all the time.

“If your life goes both up and down, until then only, you are living your life”

How to deal with depression 🫠?

Most people’s biggest problem is that they don’t take action towards making their life better when they are happy. Instead, they take action when they get depressed and want to be out of it.

In simple words, work when you are not in a problem. Because if you work when the problem hits your head, you will get confused about what to do.

Then what to do 😤?

Relax, I am not saying you to just spend all the time making plans for your future but You can take a few steps for making your life much better.

Whenever you feel that you are happy, then take 10 minutes out of your schedule and manage to take a notebook.

Then write all the things that you would do if you were depressed.

Then start doing those things. After weeks, you will see your efforts shining.

🎁For your convenience, I have taken these 3 things from Sandeep Maheswari’s video Video Link


The first 10 minutes before sleep and after your sleep are the most precious minutes. I am saying it after reading The monk who sold his Ferrari book.

What you think in these 10 minutes + 10 minutes = 20 minutes, will decide your actions which you will take in a whole day. So think positive in these 20 minutes.

If you want extraordinary results from your affirmations, then write your own affirmations. This is because when you listen to somebody’s else affirmations, you are not listening to it actively. But when you write your own affirmations daily then you are actively using your brain for it.


Whenever you make a schedule for your next day, you are actually giving your subconscious mind a roadmap that will help you drastically in long term.

While making your schedule, write realistic goals for the next day. By the way, realistic goals are those goals that you think that you can do for sure in the given period.


As Sandeep Maheswari has told us to affirm. Gratitude plays an equivalent role in that. This will make us more humble.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you now have achieved the knowledge of living a beautiful life.