5 steps towards Great Life🌹

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Almost all of us wonder why monks just meditate. They don't have any goals in their life and they also don't follow their passion. But after reading 'The monk who sold his Ferrari'. I had a twist.

Monks have goals and they do follow their passion. Moreover, they are more productive in achieving their goals. But how do they achieve their goals with passion:

After reading The monk who sold his Ferrari, I got to know that goals play an important role in making our life better.

🤔But how do we set goals?

First, find your passion. Passion is some work which you love doing. Even if you feel pain in doing it. You do it because you love it. Eg: Mohammad Ali loved playing wrestling even if he had to survive through pain.

Then, comes the 5 steps that which author writes about.

🖼️Step1: Clear Picture

“Those you have a clear picture of their outcome shall achieve what they are working on.”

In the book, the author says that monks daily visualize what they would feel like when they would have achieved their goals.

😅But why do so?

When you visualize your achievement. Unconsciously, your subconscious mind accepts that as a reality because it couldn’t differentiate between imagination and reality.

When your subconscious mind accepts your imagination. Then you start behaving like what you want to become. For eg if you want to become rich and you visualize every day becoming rich and would learn Financial Knowledge.

“If you want to be rich, behave like a rich” — Robert Kiyosaki

😲Step 2: Positive Pressure

When you set your goal, then tell it to everyone. You can also say, if you didn’t achieve your goal, then you would punish yourself, and to friends.

😱But why say it?

Whenever you say something to people. You ultimately set an alarm clock that rang when you are not taking action towards your goal. For eg: Suppose you said to people that you would lose 1 kg that month. Whenever someone would see you eating junk food. They would remind you of your goal.

⌚ 📝 Step 3: Deadline and Paper

Every goal without a deadline, is not a goal.

Whenever you set a deadline for your goal. You don’t waste your time or reduce your time wastage. This is because your mind makes a path to the goals unconsciously and then you take action every day.

“When you write your goals on the paper, you set your mind to accomplish it.”

Make it a ritual to write your goals in your notebook, each day.

A ritual is something that you do at a set interval of time.

🦥But why write goals?

Did you know that you think 60k thoughts per day?

But when you write your goals on paper, you ultimately said your mind to make your goals a priority of those 60k thoughts.

📔step 4: Paste pictures into your notebook

What you want to achieve, paste a picture of it in your notebook. This will make your mind clearer about what to do. For eg: If you want to be rich, then paste the images of Warren Buffet into your notebook.

📅Step 5: Secret of 21 days

If you want to achieve goals to make your life better. Make habits.

If you do some actions for straight 21 days, then the task becomes your habit. For eg: After brushing for 21 days, you automatically, and effortlessly brush in the morning.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge of becoming more improved by reading this blog.