How to live younger🌱?

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Today’s world's main problem is that every child is being told to become an adult and every adult now wants to be a kid again.

After reading The Monk who sold his Ferrari, I got to know that our outer world is controlled by our inner world (our thoughts). In simple words, how we think about the world, how the world acts. But how does this happen?


When you think something positive, your mind only sees good things and neglects bad things, and vice versa. But both positive and negative exist in the world but your mind unconsciously filters the things out by type of your thoughts.

🤔But how to make our thought more positive?

I would suggest you two techniques that I learned from The Monk who sold his Ferrari.

🌹Rose Technique

Take a rose in your hand and see it for 5 minutes on the first attempt without getting distracted.

😅Many of you would fail in this first attempt as our mind has many distractions.

But that’s OK, whenever you get distracted, bring your mind back to the flower.

After weeks of practice, you will be able to focus on things so much that you have never imagined before. But it’s necessary to admire this technique every day.

Yes. you can focus on some other things (but the thing that you focus on, should not give you instant pleasure).

💭Opposition Thinking

In this technique, you resist distractions from coming into your mind by punishing yourself when you get distracted.

Eg: when you get distracted, give yourself the punishment of walking 1 km.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you now know what to do for living younger life.