Why will this world die 🤯in 100 years?

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If this blog scared you, then it is good for you. Our world is hooked on mobile phones. Sex and eating have become more of a desire rather than a need.

But why humankind is in danger: This is because of human’s greatest invention: AI, Metaverse and one nonman made thing: Increasing desire for having sex, eating junk food, watching comedy.

🤖Artificial Intelligence

Humans are hooked, machines are learning

It is said that artificial intelligence was the last invention, humankind ever need to make. After artificial intelligence came, there were also good changes but the dark side was even more dangerous.

Dopamine levels in humans exponentially increased because of the recommendation system made by social networking giants. These systems are designed to make you addicted to them.


When you get pleasure by doing sex, watching Facebook, or eating junk food. In your brain, some chemicals are released dopamine is the most addictive one.

Moreover, sex was a need earlier as we need to have sex to continue our generations but now because of increasing dopamine, people are engaging in sex more than ever.

😱Where will humankind fall?

Humans are prepared for doing more physical work by which our bodies can be relaxed. But evolution has changed everything. Now we sit in front of mobile phones or other devices for hours without any disturbance from our mind that we should stand and do some walk.


Have you listened to metaverse? A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.

Now, humans will wear 🥽gogles and do their work without any movement which will cause more destruction in this world.

🤔Have you thought?

Why there’s no educational video trending on social media. Because after seeing educational videos, you can control yourself but companies won’t make huge profits from there.

😇How to save humankind and ourselves?

AI is more powerful than nuclear weapons — Elon Musk

If there are administrations for controlling nuclear attacks then there must be an administrator to check the algorithm of these giant companies.

We can also admire the instructions of the sages of Sivana. If you are interested, then you can read The monk who sold his Ferrari book.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you are aware of the problem now.