How to control our 🙉 monkey mind

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Almost all of us have distracted ourselves from our work with Instagram or any other app. After some time, when we see time, we realize that we have wasted a lot of time.

🤔But the question arises, why do we get distracted?

See, our mind is fundamentally a monkey mind, this means that we behave like monkeys.

😅But why do we use Instagram even if we promised ourselves to be focused?

‘Our mind is unstable, it gets distracted’. By the way, this is a fact that we mind is unstable. You don’t need to agree or disagree with it as it is a universal truth.

🥰Then what to do?

When you get distracted, just command your mind to focus again on the work that you are doing. After some days, this will become your habit and now you will be more focused than before.

😡But distractions have increased in the last few years?

Yes, you are right. Distractions have been increased and these two are the main two reasons for that:


  1. 🍱We eat food that has chemicals.
  2. 🥤We drink water that has chemicals.
  3. ☠️We breathe air that is polluted.

Do you think, our body is stable with these things?

The answer is no. Our body is not healthy enough to be focused. Our body and mind are one only. If your body is healthy, then your mind is healthy. If your mind is healthy, then your body is healthy. In simple words, these two things are interconnected.


Nowadays, Social media has become a need for people. This means that almost everybody is using social media.

Social media giants want to make money. So, they send you notifications on which you may click. This generates revenue, but you get distracted.


  1. 😁Talk to yourself. Means, spend time with yourself and be aware of what you think.
  2. 📔Increase your self Knowledge by reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts.

🎊🎉🎉🎊Congratulations, you have read the whole blog.