How your greed can finish you 🤒?

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We see greed as a negative thing or a positive thing. But greed is like a coin 🪙 which has both sides (positive and negative). But the question arises, how we can find greed is out of our control? Source — Sandeep Maheswari

😁Wants & Needs

There are two things for which you work.

  1. To satisfy your desire
  2. To satisfy your needs

needs: When you work to fulfilling your and your family's need, then greed is good to have. Because this greed will make your work.

desires: The problem occurs when you work to fulfilling your or your family’s desires. (yeah, sometimes, it’s important to fulfill desire but not all time).

🤔But why does the problem come?

When you fulfill one desire, another desire is waiting for you to fulfill your second desire.

The loop goes deep and you are locked in a race where everyone is running to fulfilling their desires.

🔎How to Identify needs or wants?

Suppose this is your last day. Then what is the thing for which you will give your all wealth? That’s a need. (* Wealth is also a need for survival)


Greed doesn’t end up here.

When you ask for something which you don’t deserve, it may be greed. Why?

Because you didn’t achieve it. But why is it necessary to achieve it? For growth.

So, focus on the process of doing work, God will give you what you worked for.

🥰Value System

This may be controversial to say this point as it depends on your luck.

The point is what values your parents gave you, plays an important role in deciding your greed.


Once there was a villager named ‘Rahul’. He was 18 years old and wanted to go to the city as he often listened to people saying that in the city you will get Success.

So, one day he got admission to a city college.

He went there and was surprised to see that the study there, was very hard.

He thought if got a job after spending 3 years in college. He needs to work for 10 years for owning a house (He may need to finance it which means he has to take a home loan).

Then he come back to his village and made a new house with his hands. The house was made in 2 years and was pretty well.

Now, he makes houses for others and earns a decent amount of money.

If he would decide to go for a Job. He may deny some basic needs of a human being: Fresh & Pure water (there are lots of minerals in village water as it is purified by nature itself), Fresh Air (no pollution in villages), Great Food (villagers are healthy).

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