How 🤔 can you focus on solutions rather than Problems

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I have been wasting my precious time by just focusing on the problems and complaining about them. You and many more people may also want to focus on solutions rather than problems.


As far as I know, spirituality is not just to make your mind relaxed but to take control of your mind.

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🚀Short Story

Once upon a time, there was 15 years old child who was facing one big problem. The problem was that people tend to watch nonsense on social media. This was making him frustrated and he started complaining, about how bad social media is.


The child went insane and build his app. After a few months, the problem was under control as he provided all the people with a new era of social media. *Other things are confidential

💡Points to learn from the story:

  1. The boy thought of a solution that he can work on, right away.
  2. He enjoyed working on the solution

Same way, make your solution so enjoyable and quick to take that your mind would think of the solutions every time (unconscious).

🔍But how to find solutions

Just go for a walk the night before sleep and think about the solutions.

😨But what if I got distracted and started complaining about the problem

Just tell your mind ‘Hey baby, come on to the solution’.

🎁But what if nothing works

Sorry, I forgot to give you this tip: Just ask God(request God) for helping you.

This works pretty well.

🧭Change Environment

Environment plays a significant role in your decisions and thinking. So change your environment first.

🎉🎊🎊🎉Congratulations, you have read the whole blog.