Spirituality can help you remove 🚀Porn Addiction

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Today, Porn addiction has made its place in the top addiction among people between 14 to 25 years of age. But the question arises why this addiction originates.

It’s because our mind is filled with 3 gunas:

  1. 💪Rajoguna — passion or activity
  2. 😇 Satvaguna— goodness
  3. 😪Tamoguna — inertia or ignorance

For more information — https://sandipani.org/what-are-the-effects-of-rajoguna-tamoguna-and-satvaguna-the-three-constituent-qualities-of-nature-upon-us/

If any of these 3 gunas get missed. It can generate a problem like Porn Addiction. But the question arises of how to remove porn addiction.

“Instead of removing addiction, make a good addiction which can beat the old one”

😌Short Story

Haridas Thakur was a great disciple of Lord Krishna. He used to chant 3,00,000 holy names of Lord Krishna daily. He chanted day and night. Srila Haridas Thakur’s name and fame soon began spreading far and wide. Everyone began respecting and revering him.

However, there lived an envious landlord, by the name of ‘Ramchandra Khan’. He was envious of Haridas Thakur's respect. So, he decided to defame and dishonor Srila Haridas. Being unable to find any fault with him., he conspired with the prostitutes, one young and a very attractive girl named ‘Hira bai’ was selected. Hira was very confident and assured Ramachandra Khan that she would be able to accomplish her job within 3 days.

Ramchandra wanted to send a constable with Hira so that he could arrest Haridas as soon as he would try to get anywhere close to the girl. However, Hira bai wanted to get intimate with Haridas Thakur at least once, before Haridas was arrested. So she requested Ramachandra Khan to send a constable when she would unite with Haridas for the second time.

So, as planned, Hira bai approached the cottage of Haridas Thakur in the middle of the night. She dressed very beautifully and stood there exposing a part of her body to his view. She explained that it would not be possible for her to continue living if she does not get to unite with Srila Haridas.


Haridas Thakur listened to the girl carefully and assured her that he would definitely accept her. However, he requested her to wait until he had finished chanting his stipulated number of rounds (3 lakh). He said that he would fulfill her desires after that. So Hira set there and waited for Haridas Thakur to finish his chanting. When the light of the morning appeared, Hira stood up and left disappointed. She went and updated Ramachandra Khan about what had happened and expressed her confidence in alluring Haridas the following night.

Hira came to Haridas Thakur, the following night. Haridas Thakur offered her assurances once again and made her sit and hear his chanting attentively. As the morning approached, Hira turned restless. Haridas Thakur explained that he had vowed to chant 10 million names a month. As his rounds were not finished yet, he was not able to enjoy himself with her. But he assured her that we would definitely complete his rounds, the next day and then they could unite as agreed. Hira left only to return the following night.

The next day, Hira arrived by evening and waited eagerly for Haridas to complete his rounds. The night gradually passed and the chanting of the holy name slowly began to have its effect on the consciousness of the Hira bai.

She had a change of heart and soon surrendered at the lotus feet of Haridas Thakur. She confessed her guilt and revealed how Ramachandra Kahn had appointed her to defame and pollute the Thakura. She begged for forgiveness life. She accepted Haridas Thakur as her spiritual master and sought his guidance.

Haridas Thakur replied that he knew everything about the conspiracy of Ramachandra Khan, whom he then addresses as an ignorant fool. He added that he could have left Benapole( where he had settled), on the very day Ramachandra Khan was planning all of this. But he had only stayed back to deliver Hira bai.

Haridas Thakur then instructed Hira, to immediately return home and distribute whatever property she possessed to the Brahmanas. After that, she was ordered to return to that very place, and chant the holy names of Krishna for the rest of his life. Instructing thus, Haridas Thakur stood up and left.


So, by this little story, we get to know how powerful is Spirituality and how you can replace the Addiction to Porn.

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