Is your Business growing 🤔?

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Every entrepreneur in this world has one common question in their mind that is how he could grow his business.

I also thought about this question several times a day. Then I saw a video from Sandeep Maheswari (founder of

He is also India’s top influencer and a Successful Entrepreneur. So, it will be worthful to read his learnings (🎁Bonus in Last):

😌 Patience

Many understand patience as being slow. But real meaning of patience is to understand reality and work according to that.

Many entrepreneurs think that they need passion but Sandeep has a different thought. He says that patience in business is much more important than passion.

💡Idea in One Page

Do you know how entrepreneurs are tested in Silicon Valley (it is a place where Google, Amazon, Facebook, and many big giants are settled)?

To test entrepreneurs, they are given a paper on which they have to explain their business. If somebody doesn’t complete his writing in one page, then he’s less likely to grow his business.

So, have a clear image of your business (from day 1).

🧭Will Power

Every business sees losses and profits but the entrepreneurs need to have willpower and be present at work. Eg Tesla faced big losses at first. It was even going to bankrupt but Elon Musk is a crazy guy and never lost his willpower. Now Tesla's worth is $58.04B.

🎁Bonus: ✈️Autopilot

It’s super important for any entrepreneur to make his business autopilot.

But how?

By making processes(eg: automating reminders for any future events to the team). This will make you relax and look into companies most important part.

But what if you don’t like your family business?

Then you can apply the last tip(autopilot) because it will make your business grow automatically. Then you can focus on the business of your choice.

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