4 Deep Work disciplines for your 🚀 performance

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Deep work is so important for your performance and I have also written a blog for it.


So let’s get to the point:

🥰Short Story on disciplines of deep work

Once I with Pooi (the fictional character) were bored and wanted to boost our daily performance. After some days, we found one routine.

We made goals (with deadlines) and promised each other that we will accomplish these goals. After some time, we also paste some paper on our walls (where we can notice them daily) and wrote our performance (example: 👇)

We hold meetings every week in which we review each other’s performance. These meetings excite us the most as we can now compete with each other.

😀Eureka! we saw many great results. So these tips are for you.

📆Goals with a deadline

This may be uncommon to see goals on the list to boost performance but yes goals are super important but they must be with a deadline. Example: I have to complete my book by this year.

For more information about how Japan used this tip for its performance, you can check it out.


🔪Cut it into phases

I have also talked about how to achieve goals. You can refer to this.



Do you know why online games are so addictive?

If you guessed “because it provides analytics eg: kills”. Then you are right.

When you see your performance, you can easily get addicted to the routine. (By the way, this addiction is a good one as it helps you grow)


In Deep Work (no associate link), the author has suggested us to hold meetings and tell your friends our performance and also see their performance. This will create competition and you will love it.

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