If you don't go Depth, you'll be destroyed🤬

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Nowadays, we all use social media and we also think that staying connected is wonderful but wait… If you don't want to be unemployed then read this 👇.

🥰Short story on Deep work

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. Her name was Poosi. He was in high school and her final exam was starting in just a few days. She was a brilliant child but he did one mistake. She did shallow work (I will explain shallow work after this story ends). When she started reading for her exams, every few minutes, she would get a notification.

When she click that notification, she would spend 5 minutes more on social media. This happened whenever she was reading for her exams. Eventually, he got low marks just because she didn’t read this blog.

🥶We …

We also do the same thing as Poosi. We get distracted by these social media giants and start doing shallow work 👇.

🔍Meaning of Shallow Work

When you start doing work with a distracted mind. This is called shallow work. But why we shouldn’t do shallow work.

🤖Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, it’s common to see computers replacing human work. This is a big problem for those who do shallow work and a great benefit for those who do deep work.

🤔But who will survive and thrive in the future economy?

After the Deep work book, I finally can say below are the guys who will thrive in the future.

  1. 🤖 Engineers who know how to use artificial intelligence.
  2. 💵 People who have lots of money and can invest in new startups.
  3. ⭐ People who are experts in their field.

Both the first and second options do not apply to all of us. But the third option is a well-qualified option for most of us.

🧠How to become an expert?

This is the essence of this whole blog. If you want to become an expert. You can do Deep Work.

  1. Make your work into play.
  2. Do work in which you have a keen interest *(sometimes you have to do work which you don’t love).

🎊Congratulations, now you are out of 💀danger.