Can 😍Love make us Successful in our ⌛Careers?

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Have you ever thought that your life has become like what you have dreamed of but now it's boring? If yes, you're not alone. Most people between 20–and 30 years of age are facing this problem.

🤔But, why this problem occurs?

To understand this, you have to understand the fear of the unknown 👇.

😨Fear of Unknown

Let’s suppose you decided to start something new. If you fear starting something new. It is fear of the unknown because the work you will start is unknown to you(which means you don’t have experience with it).


Ok, let’s see the biological and psychological needs of the person. They are biological: eating, sex, excretion, psychological: fun, and physical workout.

Yes, Sex is a biological need but but but… we take it in a wrong way.

Sex is a need but not a desire. But we think the opposite and act according to it.

🥰Short Story on Love vs Career

There were three friends: Joe, Moe, and Pona. Each of these friends has different goals.

Joe always wanted to make money and want to be successful in his career. He missed reading this blog so he missed learning about needs.

All his life never made a relationship and focused on his Career till age 70. But he regrets that he didn’t make a relationship as making relationships with people is our need, not a desire.

Moe was the opposite of Joe, he always lives with his girlfriend and he too didn’t read this blog. So, he missed the need of making money.

Money: It is a tool that makes you survive and thrive.

In the end, Moe was depressed. After all, his girlfriend left here because he hadn’t had money.

🧠But wait… What about Pona?

Pona was a smart guy and so he read this blog. He did something interesting. He was 15 yrs old when he started his journey of thriving.

At the age of 24, he was very Successful and now had decided to make a girlfriend. He got one girlfriend and after 2 years, he married her girlfriend and spent a peaceful life with her and other family members.

It’s pleasure to meet you.