Nothings Free for you 🥶: You are being badly used

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After reading 'the Psychology of money, I got to know two things.

  1. 🤑Nothing is free
  2. ⌛Time is more valuable than money

🥰Short Story

One day, Joe met his friend. Her name was Poi. She was a pretty girl and was a teenager (a person aged between 13 and 19 years). Joe asked her what she used Instagram or youtube shorts. The conversation goes with a twist…

Poi: ‘I use Instagram at the night to watch reels.’
Joe: ‘For how many hours?’
Poi: ‘For 1 hour daily’
Joe: ‘What you prefer to watch’
Poi: ‘Comedy reels’

Warning: Don’t watch reels, just read books as reels will destroy you internally.

Joe: ‘Do you pay for using instagram’
Poi: ‘No, it’s free’

Yea… That’s the point.

Many people like Poi think that using social media is free.

🥴But wait… it’s not

When you don’t pay for the product, you are the product

It means that if you don’t pay for the product, companies will use you like a products Eg: Instagram uses it for showing ads.

🤔But how does Instagram make money by using us?

Instagram stores your data and shows ads to you according to your data. But, how many times did you see anything useful on Instagram? I think 0.

Ultimately you are paying for Instagram by not learning from other sources like Udemy. If you don’t learn every day, you get dumb every day.

🤯Another Example

When you eat a burger for $1. You don’t actually pay for $1 but you actually pay more than that.

If you eat burgers (which is junk food) you may get sick. If you get sick, you will have to eat medicines which will cost you much more than $1

Thanks for reading. By the way, this is for you 👇.