Ants are Crazy 🥴: Ants Philosophy

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Ants are the smallest insect in the world. So, we ignore ants but there are some lessons that you can learn from an ant.

🤯Never stop

Have you ever seen a group of ants going somewhere?

if you didn’t see any then find a group of ants and see them. You will observe that they move in a group.

🤔So what to do…

You must be wondering why we need to know that. Let me explain: You just have to stop them from where they are going using any object eg: pen or bat, etc.

Wait… I tell you the results. You cannot stop ants from reaching their goals until you kill them. But how ❓. Because they are intelligent in finding a new route toward their goal.

This quality of ants makes them survive and thrive. And as humans, we can also take the pledge to never give up.

👀Far Vision

Ants are insects that cannot go out in winter for searching food. So, they arrange food for themselves in Summers only.

This looks normal but it needs a big vision to see the future problems and find their solution now.

🧠Optimistic: Positive thinking

When winters come, ants are positive that one day, winters will go and summers will bring happiness into their life.

They never complained. Rather they are patient and they wait and work to bring happiness to their life.

🥇100% Work

Ants and other animals other than humans work until they exhaust.

Humans give up in between. But ants(smallest) never stop until he finishes his work.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you would have liked it.

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