How to overcome boredom before it kills you 🤔?

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You and many other people face one common problem in life. Ahh…, that’s not a physical problem but it is a psychological problem: 🥱Boredom.

🥰Short Story for Why Borderdom occurs?

Here I take my example. Last week, I was watching Shark Tank (a show in which investors invest money in startups) and I was enjoying it.

But I forgot to tell myself ‘not to compare’. I compared my daily schedule with the day that investors in the show had. I felt that I don’t do anything like them.

But the truth is, I am on a different journey. And many of you would on your journey. So, there’s no point in comparison.

🤐What is the problem?

Like in the story (the real one), I compared myself with others. *I am not saying you do not admire Successful people rather I am just saying that don’t compare with others, just improve daily.

🥇A Short story to overcome boredom?

Since then I started finding solutions by which I can make my boring day very enjoyable. And finally 🎊, after 5 days, I found it.

1️⃣First day

I figured out that we can only focus on some tasks. So, I deleted my many projects and only focused on a few. Eg: I deleted my project of making videos and focused on making blogs.

Only through focus can you do world-class things, no matter how capable you are. — Bill Gates

2️⃣Second day

I figured out that if we give our brain a lot of tasks that we don’t love doing but they are important for us to do, our brain explodes 🤬. So, what to do?

This image 👆 means if we give a mind a task which we don’t love, and then we give it a task that we love doing. Our mind enjoys the sequence.

3️⃣Third day

I figured out that I should reduce the time to watching or listening to things that gave me insane dopamine (eg: Shark Tank). This makes your mind get more dopamine when doing a little enjoyable work. In simple words, no boredom occurs.

But wait 👀, here’s come the most important point which is the grandfather of all these points:

🎁Reward Your

I was confused that after applying the first 3 points, why can’t I enjoy it?

The answer was Reward.

Give yourself a reward daily in the end (eg: Playing video games).

😶But why at the end?

If reward yourself at the start of your day. Do you think your mind will accept your commands? The answer is No.

“If you want your mind to do something for you. Give it a pay for that eg:video games”

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you would have liked this blog.