Return on money is not what you see 👁️

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Let's suppose, you are transformed into a person and can wake up every morning and say, 'I can do whatever I want today.'

🦜Story of 2 friends who were talking about money

One day, two friends, Mahesh and Rajesh met each other. They both were in their 40s but there was one big difference between them: Let’s find out what’s the difference.

Mahes: ‘Hi Rajesh, how’s it going?’
Rajesh: ‘It’s going great and what’s you doing nowadays?’
Mahesh: ‘Amm… I am doing a 9–5 job but what are you doing here with your family?’
Rajesh: ‘I am on a vacation. ⛱️’
Mahesh: ‘Wow, I love vacations but how can you afford vacations, don’t you work.’
Rajesh: ‘No, I don’t work for money but money works for me all the time.’

Wait… why did Rajesh say money works for him. Let’s find out

After reading ‘The Psychology of money’ book, I got to know that the biggest dividend of money is not more money but also freedom.

When you have money, you can invest it and make money work for you.

🤕The consequences which you don’t know

Have you ever seen a man driving a luxurious car and you thought that the person is so cool? But he’s not. But why🤔?


Let’s suppose you saw a car going in front of you. Your first impression would be ‘Wow, this car is so beautiful!’ Ahh… but the driver of the car thought that you said ‘Wow, this driver is so amazing.’

In simple words, you don’t get respect for having luxury but helping, being kind, and showing empathy can get you respect.

💪So, what to do?

‘The Psychology of money'.‘The Psychology of money'.

Because ‘Money relies more on psychology than finance’.

🥰Hurray, you read the whole blog.