🤔How to Stay Disciplined

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People tend to take motivation but very less people know that discipline can take you to where motivation cannot. But why discipline is so important?

Discipline has many meanings on google but in my own thinking. Discipline is just a practice to do any work consistently even if you feel lazy.

💪Short Story of Discipline

Henry was a 17 years old boy who lived with his mother and a young sister. He always found it difficult to be disciplined.

But one day, his mother died due to an accident. He with his young sister were alone. Henry now has become head of the house. He also has to take care of his sister.

After some days, he gets a job cleaning desks in a company. He went to work every day and managed to make money to survive. He first goes to school, then goes to work, and after that makes food for himself and his sister.

Whenever he found his friends calling him for parties at the time of his job(desk cleaning). He says them that he had to cook food for himself and his young sister.

After a few years, he gets graduated high school and now started going to university. He has the same routine of going to university, going to work, and cooking.

After graduating from university, he gets a high-paying job and marries a beautiful girl. He also help his sister go to university and after graduating, his sister also married a handsome boy.

But the questionaries, how can a boy(Henry) who was undisciplined got disciplined.

⛳Strong Reason

He got a strong reason to be disciplined as he has to do work himself and no other way out.

🤕One by One

Henry never disciplined his all tasks at once. He disciplined his tasks one by one. So, he didn’t get messed up.

📆Preplanned for temptation

He was always prepared to face his friends. Whenever his friends distract him, he always has a plan for them. Eg: He said that he had to cook food for himself and his sister.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you will find it great for your life.