Social Media VS Sleep?

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As per, scientists say that they have discovered that quality sleep can bolster the T cells in your body that fight off infection.

🥇Short Story

Once there was a man named Joe. He did all the work that he was responsible for but one day he installed facebook and sent friend requests to his friends. His friends accepted the invite and they all made a group. They all started sharing their photos and videos about their daily life.

But a twist comes, one day Joe’s friend bought a BMW and posted a photo. His friend posted the photo late in the night when Joe was about to sleep.

Notification rings for Joe. He decided to see the post of his close friend. He was shocked 😲 to see his friend driving BMW. All night, he was thinking about the car and never got into a deep sleep 👇. But wait, this story is familiar to many of us.

⛳Mystery of Deep Sleep

There are three stages of sleep:

  1. Awake sleep stage
  2. Dream sleep stage
  3. Deep sleep stage

In deep sleep, your mind resets and takes his full rest. This is important for you to be productive but someone is an enemy of it?

The enemy name is SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION. We all are using social media as a part of our daily life. But why we are doing that?

🔮Secret behind Addiction

There’s a chemical named dopamine which releases when you get pleasure. Eg: someone liked your post on Facebook. This chemical is also released when you do sex or watch porn. * Dopamine is also important for us but in a very small amount. Eg: Motivation for going to the gym.

💪But how to tackle it?

There’s one more chemical named cortisol which releases when you are praised for something good. Eg: You helped an old woman cross the road and she blessed you. * If Cortisol is released in very much amount, it can also make us lazy.

🤔 So, what to do next?

The best way to tackle dopamine:

  1. Become producer. Means posting your own videos and photos (Educational) on social media.
  2. Go from watching videos to listening to podcasts. Because less screen time can boost your productiveness.
  3. Go out and do sports rather than enjoy video games.

🤕Challenges you will face?

  1. If you post educational videos on social media, your video will rank down because social media giants want users to lose their minds and go into the rabbit hole. (what is a rabbit hole).
  2. If you go out for sports, you will be uncomfortable for 2–3 days because of your addiction.

🥰But why do it?

If you admire these steps, then you can enjoy your life which you were supposed to.

Thanks for reading this blog.