🔮Dark Side of Fear

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Most people don't die because of diseases but they die because of fears. But why do we get scared about anything? Before knowing, why we have fear. Do we have to understand why we must not be scared?

Here is a short story on Fear

Once upon a time, there was a criminal who committed a crime recently (that’s what a criminal does). After he was caught up, he was sent to the King for punishment.

The king told him he had a choice of two punishments.

He could be hung by a rope.

He could take what was behind the big, dark, scary, mysterious iron door.

The criminal was scared about the dark door. So, he quickly decided to hang by a rope.

On the day of punishment, as the noose was being slipped on him. He asked the King “What’s there behind the dark door”.

King laughed and replied, “It’s funny, I offer every criminal the same choice. But everyone takes the first option”.

He continued “By the way, behind the door was freedom. If you have taken the second option, you would be free from punishment till now.”


The criminal did two mistakes which we can take learnings from:

  1. He was not patient.
  2. He was scared.

If a criminal was patient, he would have chosen the second option. But the criminal got impatient because he was scared.

🤔What we can do

Till here, we can conclude that if you are scared, you are also impatient. But how to tackle that?

Before knowing tips about how to tackle fear. You should know the sources of Fear:

  1. Television NEWS
  2. Serials on TELEVISION
  3. Not sure about Future (career)

These are the main sources of fear. Now, these are the tips:

  1. Stop Watching Television and watch youtube educational videos. EG: Shark Tank

I can only give the above tip because fear about a career is a good thing because it makes you serious about your career. But fear in limit is useful.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you will tackle your fears.