🔮Dark Side of Luck

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You must have heard that person who is lucky get’s Success. Yes, it’s true but the major question comes, how to be lucky?


Richard Wiseman experimented in America. He announces who so ever thinks that he is Lucky or Unlucky, can come to the experiment. People from different professions come to the experiment.

All people decided whether are they lucky or unlucky. Then, all people were newspaper and were asked to count the images in the newspaper.

Results were amazing, men who decided they were lucky counted in 5 seconds but the people who decided that they were unlucky, took 5 mins. Because on the second page, it was mentioned that there were 52 images.


There were two twin brothers. One of them was positive and one of them was negative. Their parents were in tension because one was positive and the other was negative.

They went to a psychologist and told their problem. The psychologist suggested they experiment. He said that on the birthday of both twins, keep both children in different rooms the night before their birthday morning and give expensive toys to negative boys and give dung of horse (manure of horse) to the positive boy.

On their birthday, parents did the same, they gave great toys to the negative boy and gave poor toys to the positive boy. They started waiting for the children’s reaction to toys.

The wait was over because the negative boy came out and said that his toys are not so good as he broke his helicopter toy and he dislike the color of his horse toy. The parents were in shock as the negative boy was not happy with these expensive toys. But they wondered about the positive boy.

Positive boy didn’t come out for a while, so parents decided to go into the room. When they opened the room. They were again in shock because the positive boy was painting on the wall with dung.

When they asked the positive boy, why he was painting the wall. He said that his parents had given him dung of horse. So, they may have brought horses also. So, he was excited.


After many years, we know the positive boy as Lakshmi Mittal (owner of 1,50,000 crores).

Both the stories show that luck is depended on attitude.

The day you believe that you are lucky, the day when you become lucky.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you got the science behind why people get lucky and how you can also be lucky.