🔮Dark side of Education System

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The total population of Switzerland is equal to the number of engineers produced in India. But still, Switzerland is more innovative than India.

Since independence, India has produced no Nobel laureates (Awarded for “the greatest benefit to humankind”) but the USA has more than 100.

😭But why Indian Education Sucks

For this, we have to go into history.

When Britishers were ruling India, they had two major problems.

  • Communication in English with Indians
  • They want less creative, obedient people who don’t ask questions, for working (as they want clerks and other working type people)

To deal with this, Babington Macaulay gave the English Education Act of 1835.

Since then, the Education System has not been updated.

Even Apple Inc. updates its IOS every year but what about our most important thing — Education System.

🤬Other Problems

Big companies want skills for their work but as per some reports. But 80% of engineers in India are not able to do some basic skill work.

Everyone has different capabilities but the Education System makes them read the same syllabus which eventually discourages them.

For Success, you need to know why you are doing something. But if you ask any school teacher, why are we studying history or any other subject. Most probably, she’ll be angry with you.


If you ask then how Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai are well known though they were born in India.

The answer is simple, they have taken Foreign Education.


The best thing to do for improving this Education System is to focus on the infrastructure of Education.

For this, the government has said that they will invest 6% of GDP in the education system but it was also said in 1968, 1978, and many more years but nothing happened.