🔮Dark Side of Patience

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We all must have heard that we need patience for being successful but even most people who have patience couldn’t be successful. But why?

🤔Why do we understand wrong?

One day, a doctor came to show some alcohol-drinking people that alcohol is very dangerous for their health.

He took a glass of alcohol and a glass of water. He then took an insect and put it in a glass of water. The insect was swimming in the water but when the doctor shifted that insect to the glass of alcohol. The insect died.

The doctor with a smiling face asked alcohol drinkers what they learned from this experiment.

One person stood up and said that he had learned that if we drink alcohol, we will be germ-free. So, we should drink alcohol rather than water.

But the doctor with a blown mind 🤯 explained that he was showing that those people can live a better life if they leave drinking alcohol.


We can conclude that we understand a little differently than what was taught to us.

Same way, we were told to have patience for results because results come at a certain point. But we did the opposite.

We were patient for actions but impatient for results.

“Be impatient for actions, and be patient for results” — Naval Ravikant

🪖Warning …

This doesn’t mean that you should not have patience. This blog was making you understand that you should take action. But now the question arises, then why should we have patience.

Reason 1:

Because if you have patience, your results will be compounded which means, you will get larger results because things compound in our life. For more reference, you can read this blog 👇

Reason 2:

Once a father called his son and commanded him to earn $5 that day. The son was shocked and was scared because he didn’t know how to make money. So, he went to his mother and told her the situation. His mother gave him $5.

He took that money and went to his father. He showed his $5 to his father. His father took that money and threw it in a fire. His father commanded him to earn $5 the next day.

The son was again terrified and went to his mother but his mother denied him for giving $5. So, he went to his uncles and begged for $5. He got it after some time and went to his father.

His father saw the money and threw the money in the fire and again commanded him to earn $5 the next day.

The son went to the market and earned $5 by working hard the whole day. Then he went to his father. His father took that money and was throwing it in the fire but the son stopped him and said “I have gained it through working for the whole day.”

Moral: The child spent his whole day and had the patience to get that $5. But in the past, he was getting it from his mother and uncles without any patience.

So, we can conclude that working patiently makes us value the things that we earn. And if we have value for those things, we can be grateful to God.

🤔 But, how can we be patient?

There are several things you can do to be patient but the most effective one is Listening without reacting. This will drastically improve your patience because when you listen to others without reacting. You challenge your patience which ultimately increases your patience.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you have loved this blog.