Have you updated • Evolution of Mankind?

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Mankind has an insane evolution. The world changed in the last 20 years even didn’t change that much in the last 200 years. But why did this happen? You will get it till the end.


In the last, you will get to know, what is wrong with schools.

Let’s suppose, Rajesh is a time traveler and he has traveled all ages of evolution.

Age 1: 🪨Stone Age

Rajesh tells us that in the stone age people were hunters and gathers. But why they were hunters?

Rajesh explains that stone age people's main objective was to survive, not to live.

Rajesh wanted to eat vegetarian food as he was a vegetarian. So, he traveled to the next world.

Age 2: 🌾Agriculture Age

Rajesh liked this age because agricultural age people know the skill of growing crops and most people were into agriculture.

He ate food 😀, but he was also tired because he did so much work with his hands. Then he thought of going to the next age.

Age 3: 🏭Industrial Age

Rajesh was happy to be at this age because he didn’t have to do much work because of the machines he bought.

But Rajesh was bored with traveling, so he decided to use the internet and he went to the next age.

Age 4: 💻Information Age

When he got to this age. He installed many social media apps on his mobile (eg Facebook, youtube).

But after realizing that he was passionate about helping people. He went to the next age.

Age 5: 🤯Knowledge Zenith Age

When he traveled to this age, he made so much content like videos, blogs.

He was happy because he was earning by monetizing his content.

By the way, we are living in Knowledge Zenith.


I promised you to make you know ‘What is wrong with schools?’.

If you guessed that it is stucked in Industrial Age.

Then you’re right.

Schools should also update their courses but they don’t.

That’s why we made studywithdesign.com.

Thanks for reading