Why Law of Love wins

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We all know, Love has some superpowers but we don't know how to use them. With Love, you can do anything. If you don't know, where and how to use it, you may fail.

As I have written in my previous blog, what is the Law of Love? Now, I will take you a step further.


🥰How Love is formed

The Law of Love is created by combining three things.

  1. Law of Attraction
  2. Intelligence
  3. Actions

😍Law of Attraction

Attraction is not a bad thing because it makes you start but you also need Love to be consistent.

But where to start? I will tell you that in last but read below first.


You know why most Lovers fail. They even love their work but they fail. Why? Because they didn’t use their intelligence in developing Love.


Both of the above things are at a psychological level but what about the physical.

Everything requires some actions and those actions are generated by attraction and intelligence.

🤔But where to start

In the end, we can conclude that these three things (attraction, intelligence, actions) are required but how to order them?

  • So, first, decide a thing which you want, then add some attraction.
  • Then find a work which you love to do and take some action for it.
  • At the last, your intelligence helps you. But how to make our intelligence grow. Go to studywithdesign.com.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope, you now know where to start.