Are you a Great Leader 🤔

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Everyone wants to be a leader but only a few make themselves a leader. But in this blog, I will not tell you any tips and tricks but a genuine way of transforming from 0 to hero.

People choose leaders because they want to go where they cannot go themselves. 

So, to be a leader, you just have to read this story carefully.

So let’s begin!

👦Moe with his Grandfather

One day Moe who was a 6-year-old child met his grandfather. He asked his grandfather “which is the best identity in the world?”

His grandfather replied, “It’s to be a Great Leader”.

Moe asked curiously 😍 “how can I be the leader?”

His grandfather taught him “There are many styles of Leadership but you just have to be in one style which is the best one.”

🤔 Moe identified the styles

Moe identified the styles of leadership on

  • Motivational Style [Eg: Sandeep Maheswari]
  • Supervisory Style [Eg: Warren Buffet]
  • Leadership Styles [Eg: Sonu Sharma]
  • Situational Style

😲Situational Style

Grandfather told Moe that this was the best style of leadership and he should also admire it.

👦the conversation starts again

Moe asked, “So what I have to, to be the situational style of the leader?”

His Grandfather replied “There are 4 types in situational leadership”

❓Moe identified the types

Moe was impressed by StudywithDesign so he again identified the styles of leadership on

1. Directing [In this, you direct people eg: Army Leader]

2. Coaching [In this, teach people eg: Fitness Coach]

3. Delegation [In this, you make a team and then distribute the work. This makes the process smooth. Eg Richard Brandson]

4. 🥰Supporting


In this type, you support people and make them Grow. You help them to achieve their goals.

This is the most respected type of leadership. Eg Dev Gadhvi

Moe thanks his Grandfather.

So, I hope it would be fun and you would have learned ‘How to be a Great Leader’.