Why only 5% of Startups Succeed

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India has only 37 unicorns [startups which are above 1 billion valuations] by 2021. But in 2021 alone, 36 more unicorns joined. This house fast startups are upcoming. You too have started or thinking to start a startup then this blog will tell you how only 5% of startups succeed.

😡Customers Problem

Startups that succeed always do these two things:

  1. Solve a Burning Problem.
  2. Solve a problem which customer cannot solve himself.


Successful Startups don’t launch products and then make the audience. They instead make the audience first and then make the product.

What does it mean? It means that make a product which your customer wants.

If there’s no demand for your product, 😀 either create the demand like mobile phones did or change the product.

Don’t solve a problem, solve a burning problem.

🔭How to identify if the startup is good

Check these points:

  • Are you doing the same as competitors doing
  • How much time would be needed to recover all the money you invested. [ Expansion without margin fails]
  • Is your product used daily or used once in a while.
  • Know who is your decider, consumer, the initiator.
  • Make an Ecosystem
  • Build a Team that can do work for you without your presence.


This is the Guru Mantra of the Most successful startups.

  • 😁 What went well
  • ❌ What went wrong
  • 🪴 What could be improved


Most startups think of expanding first rather than making the business strong.

So, first, make the business strong and then scale it.

Thanks for reading.