Why School don’t make rich

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Once Alber Einstein asked their teacher “Why cram these books. We can just open it and see the topic that we need to learn.”

There are many questions about the School system. But the most important is “Why Schools don’t make us owner”. You would have seen many Successful who didn’t even go to School for a long time. [Eg: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison]

But the question arises, why many Successful people are college dropouts. Many think it’s a coincidence but these reasons are disagreeing with the school system.


School systems prevent innovations [Eg Books in School didn’t update for a long time].

But, Successful people [Eg Elon Musk] say that Innovation is important for Success.

🏫Submissive Following

Albert Einstein questioned everything in School but didn’t get any answers from the teachers.

So, he found all the answers rather than depending upon teachers.

But, if you work yourself, teachers will make you out of School. This was done to Albert Einstein also.

😍Impress Others

Have you seen anyone in School studying for the good life? You may see very few but the rest of the children just study to get marks by which they can impress their teachers.

Exceptions are there: As in business, you have to impress your customer with your service.

🤔But why is that so?

For this, you have to see the history of Schools.

Schools were introduced in Greece and they were made for increasing the creativity of the Children.

But when the Industrial revolution has taken place, Big industries need trained people. So, they had a deal with colleges for making children followers, stay same, impress their Boss.

But now, this has been compounded and children are suffering because of it.

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