Why the law of attraction sucks 😓…

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This blog is not written to you about the law of attraction. But this blog is made to tell you why the law of attraction is bad practice to do.

Let’s suppose there are two people Rajesh and Ramesh. Both of them want a BMW car.

But both of them do different things to achieve it.


He wants BMW very badly so he watched a documentary ‘The Secret’ and did what he learned about. He just did three steps:

  1. 🙄Ask
  2. 🙏🏻Gratitude
  3. 📦Recieve

After doing this for a few days, he got a job. He joined it and started making money.

A few months after he bought the car. He took it on a loan as he was super excited about it.

But, now the story goes in a different direction. His Boss gets known that he has taken a loan so he wouldn’t leave this job at any cost.

Warning Only some are bad boss but rest are good.

His Boss decided to use this situation. Boss made him work overtime and even didn’t pay for that.

But what did Rajesh do…


He just read this blog. He was confused so he decided to work that he love doing.

He thought that the Education System of India was making people comfortable in poverty. He doubted the system.

He just started making blogs and videos. After some time, he became popular. He started making a Social Media app which was focusing on Education.

After some time, he opened his schools which were personalized and gave value to children.


Now, if he wants BMW, he may get or may even get a bigger car. But Ramesh was in a scenario of being comfortable.

The choice is yours.

This story will be true till 2030. So wait and watch.

By the way, you see the next part of this blog