Career Mistakes: Before you get…

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Ankur Warikoo, a leading influencer in India tells that his childhood was spent in poverty. His dream was to go to the US and take a physics degree as he was good at Physics But...

Many find don’t loss because they are good at doing work but they lose because they are not happy doing the work.

Ankur tells us his first mistake.

✅Good not 😀Happy

Ankur got a scholarship and went to the US. He was scoring good marks in his class but he felt that he was good at physics but didn’t enjoy it. One year later, he dropped out.

Ankur was good at doing work but was he happy?


⏲️Time Work

The world has changed so much in 20 years that it hasn’t changed in 200 years.

But our thinking is the same, many think that business is not good and frustrating.

But now Business is super enjoyable if you follow the right path.

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