Rubber Band Model

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Once a Big Businessman was asked, what is the secret of his success, he replied “Good Decisions”. But how can he make good decisions? He said, “I have taken many wrong decisions”.

You will learn how to save your Life and Time by just taking decisions wisely with help of The Rubber Band Model.

🩹Rubber Band Model

You just have to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is pulling me?
  2. What is holding me?


It is the things that are attracting you to go where you want to go.


It is the things that are preventing you to go where you want to go.


Let’s suppose you want to change your house location. But you are very emotionally attached to your current location.

So, you just have to write the things that are attracting you to the new place and also write the things that are preventing the change.


Now you can easily decide whether it is important or not, to change the house.

Let’s suppose that you have written that the new place has this advantage:

  1. Innovative
  2. Education is very good
  3. Beautiful

But something is preventing you from changing:

  1. Emotionally attached to the current house.
  2. Relationships were built here

So, in the end. Now, you know what or what not to do.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope it has helped you. This was inspired by Harshvardhan Jain.